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Stop the Clock facials

Timing is everything and maintaining your skin in the top shape and preventing age related changes in the skin: 

  • dryness and dullness

  • first wrinkles and lines 

  • changes in the skin tone and firmness

  • adult acne

What Our Treatments Do:  

  • even out skin tone by eliminating outer dry layers of the skin 

  • prompt up cell turnover, giving healthy glow

  • boost circulation, bring more nutrients to the skin

  • make pores appear smaller

  • support muscle tone and facial bone density

Our Ingredients and technology

  • Dermaplaning, hydro and diamond microdermabrasion facials exfoliate and infuse skin, and bring back the youthful glow. Microcurrent,(electrical current) exercises muscles, improving complexion and firming up the skin, as well as increasing ATP (cellular energy). RF(Radio Frequency) gives skin healthy glow with increased blood circulation. It helps reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, accelerates dermal cell turnover, increases collagen and elastin production. Micro-needling resets the skin, stimulating natural anti-aging mechanisms. 

Treatments To Stop the Clock

Treatments Designed to Maintain Youthful, Glowing and Firm Skin. 

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