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Arkana  is a modern brand offering neurocosmetics of future. Arkana's  innovative approach bases on neurotransmitters as the highest level of cosmetology. Arkana neurocosmetics do not contain any artificial additives or improving agents such as substances of animal origin, petroleum derivatives, irritating detergents and parabens. Perfect home care following dermaplane, microdermabrasion or chemical peel.

DefenAge  is an American company founded by a team of regenerative medicine experts whose anti-aging discovery became the heart and soul of their formulas. DefenAge's core regimen, the Clinical Power Trio, was also honored by The Aesthetic Channel as the "Aesthetics Industry Award Winner for Nonsurgical Innovation." Greatly increases results of micro-needling.


Skin for Life trademarked proprietary ingredient formulas are in a nutritional nano bio-emulsion sphere that delivers vitamins, minerals and essential lipids to protect the skin’s immunity integrity. Our performance pure science skin care  is “Cosmeceutical Grade”. 

Arkana Neurocosmetics. European clean performance skin care
Skin for Life products
DefenAge Award winning Anti Aging peptide based skin care line
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