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Dry or Sensitive 

Treatments for dry, lifeless and sensitive skin, hydrofacial, chemical peels

The reason your skin feels dry, dull or easily irritated could be:

  • lack of proper care

  • environmental stress (living in Colorado) 

  • hormones

  • medications

What Our Treatments Do:  

  • rejuvenate dry skin

  • stimulate blood flow

  • oxygenate and hydrate

  • calm and strengthen

  • Hydrates, soothes and comforts

Our Ingredients and technology

  • We use safe and effective Microcurrent,(electrical current), LED therapeutic lights with warm panels, gentle massage, micro-channeling, peels, Hydro dermabrasion and Oxygen infusions with probiotics and peptides to stimulate the natural defense systems and reduce susceptibility to irritation. 

Treatments For Dry Skin

Treatments Designed To Hydrate and Strengthen Dry and Sensitive Skin.

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