Light Therapy uses red light to heal, renew and rejuvenate.

We will use it with a powerful hair growth serum along with hand scalp massage and high frequency head massage to fight hair loss, nourish and rejuvenate hair follicles and stimulate growth of fuller hair. 

Natural and organic ingredients including biotin, aloe Vera, green tea leaf extract, DHT blocker blend and amino acids,  Calendula, MSM,Gingko Biloba,Spirulina (Blue-Green Algae), Plantago Major (Plantain), Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Hippophae (Sea Buckthorn) oil, Organic Phospholipid Liposome Gel, Extract of Salix Nigra (Black Willow).


  •           Gluten-free

  • ·         Non-GMO

  • ·         No harmful chemicals added

  • ·         Safe for color-treated hair

  • ·         No negative side effects

  • ·         Made in USA

More on Light Therapy:

Red light waves boost metabolism rate in any live cell its applied to, greatly accelerating recovery process. Red light fuels cell renewal, stimulates collagen production and improves skin tone and texture, controls pigmentation spots, reduces wrinkles and encourages vibrant, healthier looking skin.​ It is a safe treatment, with no UV rays.