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 Classic Facials
 Our customized corrective facials will leave you with glowing, tightened, toned,

 polished looking skin. 

  Anti-Ageing Facial  -  Active isoflavones will nourish and firm your skin.

   Wonderful treatment to support skin during hormonal changes.

  Purifying Facial  -  Purifying and healing treatment to balance and clear

   your skin to improve Acne or Rosacea condition.


  So Delicate Facial  -  Reconciling care that provides immediate relief and

   comfort to the most sensitive skin.

   65 minutes   -  $75    Teen Facial  $55

 Advanced Facials

  Classic Facial plus -  microdermabrasion, dermaplane or Acid therapy (Glycolic, Mandelic, TCA, Azelaic).

   75 minutes   -  $85   Package of 3 - $225   Package of 5 - $345


  Rapid Neuro Peel (Neuro Gaba & Nana Therapy)

 Our new Neuro Peel is particularly effective for rejuvenation and reducing wrinkles, to brighten up the skin
 giving it a smooth appearance. Great for instant lifting before event or as a series of treatments

   65 minutes   -  $90      Package of 3 - $225

  Lifting Facial - A must before big event to help you look your best or as a regular lifting

  treatment to maintain youthful toned skin and reduce wrinkles.

  75 minutes   -  $85   Package of 3 - $225   Package of 5 - $345

 The most effective anti-aging, skin restoring treatment. This rejuvenates the skin by infusing  a cocktail of anti-aging treatments into the middle layer of the skin.
 Micro-needling or stamping - Collagen Induction Therapy
 Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, collagen, peptides
 60 minutes   -  $95      Package of 3 - $245
 BO2LOOK -  Botox- like effect facial
 Full Microdermabrasion facial plus stamping or nano needles application
 of a patented neuropeptide to relax mimic wrinkles for a Botox - like effect and
 natural appearance. Great alternative to Botox injections.

 75 minutes   -  $90      Package of 3 - $235